Launched in France in 2015, SOOFTY was born from the meeting between Mohamed and Farid.

A true jack-of-all-trades, Mohamed has been pro-active since he was very young. Coming from a business family, he does not hesitate to help out in his free time to give a hand to the family business.

Employed in the field of insurance, he secretly dreams of flying with his own wings and having his own business. His taste for trading and autonomy strengthens him in this project.

Because nothing frightens him and because human relations are at the center of his concerns, he successfully launches himself into the medical field. He thus obtained his occupational therapy diploma. He intervenes with people who have lost their autonomy following an accident or an illness with the objective of improving the daily life of patients and their families.

His vision, his skills and his various professional experiences convinced him. Mohamed marries an entrepreneurial career and opens his company in May 2015.

He specializes in the trading of food and non-food products. The world would finally get to know Mohamed's negotiation skills!

After completing his studies in marketing and communication in Canada and the United Kingdom, Farid decided to move to Asia where he began a career in French embassies to promote French higher education.

In parallel to his salaried activity, he launched his first restaurant in Thailand. After a decade in Asia, he decided to start an export business of Asian food products to Europe.

The two future partners met and decided to put their complementarities to good use.

Thus, they became the exclusive distributors for the French market of a flavored drink from Malaysia and the first to market a transparent PET can in Europe.

The success was immediate and the decision was quickly made to create a French brand, produced in Europe, respecting quality standards and advocating transparency and caloric sobriety. 

SOOFTY was born...

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