& Ethics

A subtle blend of fruit aromas and finely sparkling water, SOOFTY offers a new, delightful, and refreshing sensation.

SOOFTY is the can that embraces transparency. It stems from a vision that seeks to reconcile the well-being of consumers with the economic imperatives of the market.

This leads to a constant quest for the best compromise between minimal sugar and maximum flavors.

Twice as less sweet than a traditional soda, without coloring, caffeine, or aspartame, SOOFTY opts for a low-calorie approach.

Deeply involved in local and national community associations, we make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) one of our priorities. We thus support sports clubs and associations in their development.

Product Innovation

& Environment

The innovative SOOFTY experience begins with the first touch, featuring a refined transparent design in vibrant colors that conveys a youthful and trendy image. SOOFTY is instantly recognizable for its sleek and appealing aesthetic.

Committed to a process of continuous improvement and environmental stewardship, we consistently source eco-friendly packaging and adhere to the regulatory requirements of each country in which we operate.


& Adaptability

Strong partnerships with key players in shipping and distribution in France and internationally.

Fast delivery times and continuous supply.

Fast delivery times and continuous supply.

Present in 27 countries across 4 continents, our export service is alert and proactive, thanks to automated processes.

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